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What is Physiotherapy?

What is Physiotherapy? 

Physiotherapy is a non-invasive, movement-focused therapy with the goal of optimizing physical function and performance. It also promotes injury management and injury prevention. 

What are the benefits of Physiotherapy? 

Physiotherapy is recognized to help people get back to moving and improve their physical capabilities. There are many different reasons why a person would have to see a physiotherapist such as rehab from injury, and wanting to optimize movement to decrease the risk of injury. In this blog, we’re going to go over three primary benefits of physiotherapy.

1. Improved physical mobility and function 

Suffering with an injury can be challenging because of the discomfort and pain it causes. Physiotherapy promotes physical mobility and function by targeting your pain points using strengthening techniques and exercises. A physiotherapist helps you create a thorough treatment plan that caters to your specific injury or pain points and overall physical health. This treatment plan will help to increase your range of motion and physical mobility – getting you involved in your own recovery and helping you get closer to achieving your goals. 

2. Reduce pain and stiffness 

Another primary goal of physiotherapy is to reduce pain and stiffness in your body. Soft tissue massage is a common treatment to improve blood circulation in your body which helps with muscle tension and stiffness. Stretching and corrective exercises are also things physiotherapists include in a treatment plan as it helps to improve flexibility and regain strength in certain areas of your body. These techniques can help enhance your mobility, reduce pain, and relieve muscle tension to bring you doing the things you love pain free.

3. Prevent recurring or potential injuries 

Lastly, physiotherapy helps prevent recurring or potential injuries, which is one of the key reasons why it’s important. With the use of strengthening techniques and corrective exercise education, physiotherapy can minimize the risk of future injuries. Having proper form and posture are also key to performing exercises and physical activity. With that, physiotherapists can help guide you on techniques that are catered to your treatment to avoid further or future injuries. 

Overall, physiotherapy is an effective treatment option for people who experience pain and stiffness in their bodies as well as if you have a history of recurring injuries. By using a wide variety of techniques and exercises, physiotherapists can help you improve your physical mobility, reduce your pain and stiffness, as well as treat and prevent injuries.

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