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What is Osteopathy?

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What is Osteopathy? 

Osteopathy is a holistic approach to healthcare that emphasizes on the musculoskeletal system that aims to alleviate pain, improve function, and promote overall wellness through manual techniques. It includes many different techniques that work to restore the physical function and stability of your body. 

Osteopathic manipulation therapy can be used to treat many conditions such as asthma, musculoskeletal issues, chronic pain, headaches and migraines, and other respiratory issues that an individual may have. 

In this blog, we are going to go over three main techniques that can be frequently seen in an osteopathic treatment.

1) Using Massage 

An osteopathic manipulation treatment can include the use of massage techniques in order to relax an individual’s muscles. This can include the osteopath using stretching, and gentle pressure along with osteopathic manual techniques to balance your body’s system. A common technique is soft tissue massage which emphasizes flexibility and improves blood circulation through the body. 

2) Stretching 

A common technique used in an osteopathic treatment is stretching. Stretching is used to ease stiff joints and muscles. This technique is important as it helps improve joint mobility, increases range of motion, and enhances muscle flexibility. Stretching is an important part of an osteopathic treatment because it helps ease joint and muscle pain, reduces inflammation, and improves blood circulation to pained areas. Your osteopath may mix massage and stretching techniques to further improve your body’s overall wellness. 

3) Articulation 

One of the primary and significant techniques osteopaths use is osteopathic articulation. Osteopathic articulation is an approach that includes joint mobilisations and the manipulation of the joints in the body. This technique can restore the body’s movement and decrease pain to affected areas of your body. When using articulation, the osteopath applies slow pressure to manipulate the pain point, working to not further irritate or cause pain to it. 

Osteopaths use a variety of effective techniques to work with the body’s natural healing abilities. By incorporating these three techniques, osteopaths will effectively assess and treat your body to improve your body’s movement, increase range of motion, and eliminate pain. With the principle that considers the entire body as a whole, osteopaths work to figure out the root causes of discomfort and pain, according to but not limited to treating your symptoms. 

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